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Revolutionize Your Corporate Engagement with Powerful Solutions

  • Assess and audit your current corporate engagement to determine viable next steps.

  • Develop tailored plans to maximize corporate giving opportunities.

  • Coach your team on engaging staff, senior leadership, and board members for impactful outreach.

  • Create sustainable annual corporate giving programs.

  • Train your staff on enhancing current corporate relationships and forging new ones.

  • Provide strategies for leveraging your corporate engagement program to support other campaigns.

  • Develop a compelling business case to justify corporate support and philanthropic investment.

  • Assess programmatic inventory, sponsorship opportunities, and partnership activation.

Mastering Success With Strategic Planning Unleashed

  • Timing is crucial. Ensure your nonprofit is ready to launch, grow, or sustain a successful corporate program. Prioritize your organization's needs, so corporate partners understand the impact of their support.

  • Corporate philanthropy demands metrics, results, and alignment. Ensure your organization's values, vision, and mission meet the high standards of corporate giving programs.

  • Learn from the best. Benchmark your program against others to identify strengths and weaknesses. Gain valuable insights to enhance your approach.

  • Share your story and successes. Leverage marketing and PR initiatives to connect with the corporate community.

  • Maximize your potential with strategic planning that considers timing, impact, metrics, and compelling storytelling.